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Our fundraising appeal has reached a staggering £45k in just four weeks enabling us to start bringing back our staff and volunteers to pull the garden back from a period of some neglect these past few months, secure in the knowledge that – thanks to your donations – this beautiful garden really is going to weather this storm.

We are now working on starting to tackle the weeds that have been allowed to flourish unchecked, getting our gardening volunteers back in their gardening boots and pull the garden back to the wonderful attraction that it is.

Our garden is entirely volunteer maintained, so unlike many bigger organisations that might have a team of gardeners to tackle a few months of spring growth, we are bringing our volunteers back in small groups to work at their own pace on the garden.

We are looking at the complexities of how we can open in a safe and controlled way, given our small team of staff and the fact that a number of our volunteers fall into groups that are vulnerable for one reason or another.  We do very much however want to get our plans for re-opening right and we can’t wait to welcome visitors back to the garden.  Please do bear with us – it feels in so many ways like a new beginning for us and we will update our website regularly with any information about opening the garden as soon as we can.



Help us reach our fundraising target of £50,000! For just £25 you can adopt one square meter of this beautiful garden. All donors will receive a personalised e-certificate.*  Click on the link at the bottom of the page to visit our local giving site and let us know the name you would like on your certificate and which area you would like to sponsor. (*Adoption is intended as a means to support the garden financially. No propriety or other rights are, or should be assumed to be, conveyed to the donor as a consequence of this scheme.)


The Hot Border – Hitting its stride from late June
the Hot Border is a blaze of reds, yellows, oranges
counterpointed here and there by some strong purples
This lovely area of the garden was one of the settings for
for the new Secret Garden film due for release this autumn.


The Long Border – an area of spring colour, with bulbs and pastel herbaceous planting, this area of the garden is home to our new collection of peonies.


Gravel Garden – This garden was originally inspired by Beth Chatto’s famous gravel garden, packed with sun lovers and some recently added, and very beautiful Eremurus – Foxtail Lillies.


Iris Border – recently extended – this long, west facing border is home to over 50 different varieties of iris all poised to open for the month of May.


Cut Flower Garden – We re-plant the cut flower garden with a range of annuals every spring and volunteers are encouraged to take flowers home as often as they like – reward for all their hard work!


Clematis Garden This area is a showcase for all types of clematis from the vigorous and colourful Clematis tangutica ‘My Angel’ to the diminutive shrub Clematis heracleifolia ‘New Love’.


Alison’s Garden – Trees such as Betula albosinsensis ‘Septentrionalis’ and Sorbus acuparia ‘Beissneri’ have been planted in the lawn and beds to give height and movement, and in time shady areas to sit under.

Annual Flower Meadow – sown with hardy annuals in the autumn, this open area is a magnet for bees and other pollinators, awash with colour from May to September.


Orchard – The orchard is under-planted with wild flowers, blossoming in spring which, together with the apple blossom creates a magical mass of colour early in the season.


The Kitchen Garden – we grow a wide range of produce available to visitors during the open season for donations. Some of our volunteers are involved specifically in growing vegetables and love the satisfaction this brings.


Garden of Contemplation – This quiet garden right in the centre of Helmsley Walled Garden is the perfect spot to spend a quiet, undisturbed few moments.


The White Garden – A tiny jewel of a garden, surrounded by the orchard and wild flower meadow and sheltered from behind by a sturdy laurel hedge, it is planted up with a variety of hardy perennials and shrubs.


The Physic Garden – This area, laid out with brick paths and discretely labelled, displays a range of plants all with medicinal uses.


Please use the link below to go direct to our local giving page – please contact June Tainsh at the garden on 07923 217036 if you have any queries – thank you for your support!

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