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Helmsley Walled Garden 100 Club Winners in 2017

The 100 Club was launched in October 2012 as a way of raising money to support the work of Helmsley Walled Garden. The money raised by the club will help in the development and maintenance of the garden as well supporting the work done by our horticultural therapy team. They work with local people with a variety of needs, helping them to gain self-confidence and greater independence through learning basic horticultural skills. The supported volunteers in turn help to grow and maintain the plants sold in our Plant Centre. Your contributions through the 100 Club help to fund us in this work.

How it works

Subscription per number in the club costs £5.00 a month. You can have as many number subscriptions as you like up to a maximum of 20.

If you would like to join, either collect a form from the garden or download and print out the 100 Club form here, fill it in and return it to the garden.

2017 winners
As at 31st December 2017 the membership of the 100 Club stands at 66 shares.

Monthly draws of £50 and £25 have been made and the winners are as follows:

100 Club Winners 2017

The draw takes place as close to the last working day of the month as possible, and this is witnessed by volunteers and members of the garden staff.

Thanks to the generosity of its members, during 2017 The 100 Club raised £3748 which will be used in the development of the Garden for the following projects:

  • Rewiring of Workshop £1500
  • Development of Long Border £750
  • Contribution to volunteers kitchen replacement £1,000
  • General Funds £498

Thank you to everyone who support us through The 100 Club, your generosity helps us to develop the Garden and change lives.