The Making of Helmsley Walled Garden

Alison Ticehurst’s Diary

Alison Ticehurst was a local woman who had a vision of finding a garden that could become a place of healing and therapeutic horticulture. She found Helmsley Walled Garden in July 1994, discovering a wreck of a garden she could barely get into. Many people would have dismissed the idea of turning this overgrown wilderness into anything, but Alison was undeterred and together with a band of friends and helpers began the process of turning the jungle into a garden.

The diary she kept from the first day until her untimely death in March 1999 show just what was achieved in reclaiming the garden in that short time alone. It was her vision and determination that encouraged everyone involved in the garden to carry on with the project and make it what it is today.

Now, with a team of two horticultural therapists and an assistant, more people than ever are being supported to learn horticultural skills and encouraged to develop their potential. In 2015 supported volunteers will be working in the Plant Nursery at the garden, helping to grow plants for sale in the Plant Centre.

Everything that has been achieved has been supported through the generosity of Friends and supporters of the garden. Our horticultural therapy programme is free for users and supported through money raised from admissions and plant sales. Every person who comes through the garden gates helps us in our work and supports Alison’s vision and for this we thank you.

Alison Ticehurst’s diaries of Helmsley Walled Garden Vol 1 Pages 1 to 40
Alison Ticehurst’s diaries of Helmsley Walled Garden Vol 1 Pages 41 to 93
Alison Ticehurst’s diaries of Helmsley Walled Garden Vol 2 Pages 1 to 26