• Carole Drake - Cottage Garden
  • Carole Drake - Persicaria
  • Carole Drake - Espalier Apple
  • Carole Drake -Long Border 1
  • Carole Drake - Orchid House
  • Carole Drake - Allotments
  • Carole Drake - Castle and Long Border
  • Carole Drake - Kitchen Garden
  • Carole Drake - Long Border 2
  • Carole Drake - Lysimachia

Carole Drake

Carole Drake – garden photographer

I was a fine artist until a passion for plants led me to train in horticulture in the late 1990s and I worked as a gardener for a number of years before beginning to photograph gardens. Since having my first work published in January 2004 I’ve supplied features to a range of magazines including The English Garden, Gardens Illustrated, The Garden, Country Living and House and Garden. It seems to me the perfect mix of picture-making and horticulture, and there’s no greater thrill than being in a beautiful garden at 5am on a summer morning, alone with camera and tripod, making images through which others might share the moment. Visiting Helmsley Walled Garden for the first time in August 2011 I wasn’t prepared for the impact of the stonkingly marvellous double herbaceous borders, so skilfully planted and well maintained. The colours were eye-popping, and I experienced that slightly anxious feeling I get when I see something I desperately want to photograph. Most of the images I shot at Helmsley were taken during the late afternoon and evening, including a short time when there was a velvety dark grey sky behind the castle, and sunlight on the garden in the foreground, a wonderful combination. Unfortunately I woke to pouring rain the next morning, so the 4.45am alarm was for nothing.

I’m a member of the Professional Garden Photographers’ Association. Visit my portfolio at http://www.professionalgardenphotographers.com/portfolios/carole-drake