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Clare Belbin-Carlile

Clare has always worked outside with nature.  Her work has been deeply refreshed through her studies in the Helmsley Walled during the last two years, and she is often to be found painting in the garden.

Her searching through the annual cycle of dark winter earth and trees, then buds and shoots, blossom and fruits, is deeply familiar yet also highly uncertain, and full of surprise.  This constant change makes for a natural curiosity to search for ever more fresh observation.

Blossom is recorded for its white, and its reflection of the sky, leaves, stamens and earth.  Buds are noted as they open to full bloom and become fragile stamens in the wind and rain of early summer.

She sets out to catch these qualities and bring them to the page with graphite, pastel,  watercolour, or wood engraving – chosen for their accuracy in translation.

Clare studied Fine Art at Newcastle University and completed her postgraduate in Drawing & Painting at Edinburgh College of Art, exhibiting regularly since then.  She has been fully committed to her practice of mindfulness for over ten years and this informs all her work.

Clare’s next course will held with Dr Lauri Bower, poet, on Saturday and Sunday 30th & 31st May – described on this website here.