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Donating Apples for Juicing

Donating Apples to Helmsley Walled Garden

Your surplus apples can be pressed for juice, to help us to raise funds to support our beautiful garden and our horticultural therapy work – donations of apples will be gratefully received!

What kind of apples are suitable?

We can use any variety of apples, including cookers, provided that they are ripe (see below) and undamaged (a bit of bruising is OK). It doesn’t matter if they are small, misshapen or marked.

How to tell if apples are ripe

This is harder than you would think! Apples that fall off are NOT necessarily ripe. Trees often drop immature fruit that are dry, sour and unusable for juice (or anything, really), so look for the 

  1. The pips are brown (although some early varieties are edible while the pips are still pale).
  2. You can hear the pips rattle when you shake the apple.
  3. The fruit comes away easily if you gently lift and turn it.

The crop is very unlikely to all be ripe at the same time – most trees need picking several times. Once you are confident that at least some of the apples are ripe, one easy option with a smaller tree is to give it a good shake every week or so and then gather up whatever drops off!

What about windfalls?

We can use windfalls, as long as they are intact and not rotten. NB Please tell us if animals have access to the area where they have fallen, because we would need to clean them very carefully. Unfortunately, we cannot take windfalls from areas frequented by dogs, for obvious reasons.


Cardboard boxes are fine. If you have a large quantity of fruit, we can lend you some plastic crates to collect them in – please ask.

In return

We can transfer your apples into one or more of our plastic crates, and offer you three bottles of pasteurised juice for every crate full that you bring (or one or two bottles for smaller amounts).


If you would like to bring us some apples after the garden has closed to the public, please let us know when you’re coming so that we can let you in.

Please telephone us on 01439 771427 or email info@helmsleywalledgarden.org.uk

Thank you