• Helmsley Walled Garden - Clematis Vince Denny
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  • Helmsley Walled Garden - Clematis

The Clematis Garden

Newly planted in 2012, the Clematis Garden is now developing and growing apace. This area is a showcase for all types of clematis from the vigorous and colourful Clematis tangutica ‘My Angel’ to the diminutive shrub Clematis heracleifolia ‘New Love’. The aim is to show clematis in flower in all its different colours, shapes and sizes for as many months of the year as possible.

There are currently over one hundred different clematis varieties planted up in this garden and more will be joining them as the garden grows. A viburnum collection was planted in 2013 to provide a framework for more clematis to be grown through. Clematis will be planted next to these shrubs as soon as the viburnums have really put their roots down and put on some height. Come and see this area of the garden develop over the next year.