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The Kitchen Garden and Community Allotments

We’re working hard in the Kitchen Garden this year: chef, Will Mowbray has asked for specific varieties of potatoes, beans and other vegetables. He’s picking varieties for flavour and colour, some of which we haven’t grown before so we will be watching closely to see how they perform. Edible flowers are also grown here in the Kitchen Garden for use in the café as decoration on cakes and salads.

On the other side of the path are the community allotments. Each of these raised beds is rented out to people who want to raise fruit, vegetables and flowers in a communal environment. Each plot is as varied as their owner with some growing potatoes, leeks and cabbage, whilst others grow beans, peas, cut flowers and asparagus. Every year is different and visitors can often find themselves swapping tips about growing different crops with the allotmenteers they find working there.

We have a collection of Yorkshire varieties kindly donated to the garden by Hilary Wilson and planted as a collection of espaliers, cordons and step-overs around the allotment beds. This consists of fifty nine different varieties, all of which have been traditionally grown in Yorkshire.  Ranging from Acklam Russet, through Catshead to Grandpa Buxton and Nancy Jackson, these trees are is a chance for visitors to see the different ways in which apples can be trained to fit different spaces in a garden. Pruning the fruit trees is a big job and some of our volunteers have specialised in developing their knowledge and skill in this area of the garden.