• Daisy by Dave Bates
  • Flowers by Dave Bates
  • Osteospermum by Dave Bates
  • by Dave Bakes 1
  • by Dave Bakes 2
  • Orchard in May by Dave Bakes

Garden Photography

Garden photography – 1/2 day course

Course tutor – Dave Bakes

Ryedale Garden Photography run by Dave Bakes provides tuition based photography days where participants work in small groups, receiving advice and support to help them develop their skills.

This course is ideal for beginners in photography or those who are new to digital photography. It’s a great way to explore a new garden and spend a morning with like-minded people. Teaching is informal and individual to each participant.

The course covers a range of areas such as composition, exposure, focus, manual camera settings, aperture and shutter speed.

For more details please go to https://ryedalegardenphotography.wordpress.com/

Course date Saturday October 6th.

Cost per participant £50.00

To book please contact Dave Bakes at ryedalegardenphotography@gmail.com